Our Courses

We offer our students a complete course of English as a second language.
Our experience in the coaching industry taught us how talented people lose stellar opportunities just because they are unfamiliar with the business language nowadays.
We don’t want anyone to miss any opportunity of having the best in their lives.
Skillseed presents you with the English language course in elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. We set up this course by keeping in mind your efficiency in the language.
We customized all the levels to get a better grasp of the language. When you enroll, we will take a simple examination to test your language familiarity and then put you in the course grade accordingly. You can also opt for a complete program if you believe you need an overall improvement in the language.

We offer the main online learning courses for Non-native English Learners.

Have a look at our extensive collection of online courses you can enroll in. 

Complete English Grammar

Our complete English grammar course will help you gain comprehensive knowledge of grammar and how you can use it to enhance your writing and speaking skills.

Tricky English Grammar

English is a difficult language to master, as its grammar gets messier in the course journey. Mainly because of its obscure grammar rules, even native speakers find it tough to become an expert English speaker.

Spoken English course

Beginner, intermediate English learners can avail of this course to get overall coaching on spoken English. This course will help them communicate what they meant and improve their vocabulary to express better.

Voice and Accent Training

This course will rectify how you pronounce and speak English. This course will help you speak like a native English speaker.

Interview Skills Training

Be interview-ready with our interview skills training course. This course will cover all skills needed to pass the interview for your dream job.

Personality Development

Develop a stellar personality with our online course. Our coaches will help you elevate your personality with the help of their experience.


Here’s what our clients say about us: 

Being in the sales and marketing team, English is a must for targeting modern clients for an IT company. I used to pitch my sale in English by mugging the whole script, which was easy, but when the customers asked questions which I had to answer in my own words, I used to choke. Although I was fluent in writing and understanding, I wasn’t able to speak English fluently. I was skeptical before joining online classes for spoken English, but the coaches cleared all my doubts in the demo lecture itself. Because of their results, I opted for personality development courses too. Now I receive compliments from my clients, and my boss is more than happy.

Tushar Kshirsagar