About Us

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you” ― B.B. King

We are a Communication Skills and Leadership Skills Training Institute

Skills are the bedrock of any individual’s progress in life & career. Of all the skills that we can learn & gain, communication skills are the most vital. Yet very few people understand its importance and even fewer take steps to develop it.

At Skillseed, we believe that there is a leader hidden inside each one of us. Therefore, our mission is to help more and more people understand the value of communication skills and develop it, because it is at the core of leadership. Leaders take the world forward and communication skills help take leaders forward by enabling them to connect with people, influence them, motivate them and unite them to work towards a common goal whether its a personal goal, a professional goal or a social goal.

Any person can become a leader, if they take the initiative and stay committed to developing the right skills. Communication skills are the seeds of leadership and Skillseed is here to plant those seeds in you and set you on a path towards becoming a leader of India’s tomorrow.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is not an end-goal, it is a pre-requisite, it is a way of being. It is how we do everything on a day to day basis. Excellence is not about perfection because perfection is static, it cannot adapt. Excellence, on the other hand, is dynamic, it adapts, it is about moving forward, consistently, towards the better, Best is, therefore, only a by-product of excellence.

At Skillseed, our vision is to build leaders for India’s tomorrow. Without excellence, that vision is only a pipedream. Our vision is our Raison d’être i.e. the reason for our very existence. Therefore, we have built excellence in Skillseed’s DNA. And that is our commitment to excellence.

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The Process of learning at Skillseed

Through our extensive experience in the field, we have created a strategic pathway to develop your Communication Skills and your Personality.

Shape your Learning Curve

We are an academy where we offer new training approaches customized for you. We enhance your learning curve and give you sufficient opportunities to better yourselves, both personally and professionally.

Learning Sessions

Skillseed plants knowledge deep in its students to memorialize the lessons. We focus on you to grasp more in lesser time. Skillseed forged its learning session for you to understand and implement at the same time.

Student's Community

We form a small, friendly group of students to share experiences, knowledge, and study material with their colleagues. It also benefits students even after completing the course.

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